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Touch Screen Kiosk Rental New Orleans

Padzilla is the ideal touch screen solution for your business, event, or upcoming project.

New Orleans Morial Convention Center is a popular venue for trade shows and conventions, attracting a lot of visitors and exhibitors from different parts of the world. If you’re planning to attend one of these events, it’s important to ensure that you stand out, catch people’s attention and showcase your brand in the best possible way. That’s where renting a Padzilla touch screen kiosk comes in. Make a big impression at trade shows and conventions in New Orleans with Padzilla. Stand out, engage visitors, and showcase your brand with our giant touchscreen display. Available in 43”, 55”, and 65” sizes, Padzilla will transform your iPhone into an unforgettable interactive experience.

Benefits of a Touch Screen at Trade Shows and Conventions

A touch screen kiosk is the perfect tool for trade shows and conventions. Here are some benefits of using a touch screen kiosk

1. Attention-grabbing: The first and most obvious benefit of using a touch screen at conventions is that it can easily grab people’s attention, especially in crowded and noisy environments. With stunning visuals, engaging content, and interactive features, a touch screen kiosk can create an immersive and memorable experience that will stick with visitors long after the event is over.

2. Flexibility: With a touch screen, you can showcase different types of content in different ways to suit your needs. For instance, you can display product demos, explain complex topics using interactive diagrams, play videos or host games that reward visitors with prizes or discounts. The possibilities are endless.

3. Data Collection: Interacting with visitors via touch screen kiosk can help you collect valuable data such as their email addresses, preferences, and feedback. This can help you personalize your marketing efforts and better target your audience.

Increase Engagement at Your Booth

By using our touch screen display rentals, you can take your event to the next level. The Padzilla is the perfect tool for interactive displays such as

1. Interactive games: Use interactive games to engage visitors and create a fun atmosphere. You can host games for prizes and discounts or build quizzes that test visitors’ knowledge of your brand.

2. App launches: Show off your latest app with an immersive and interactive experience. Visitors can explore the app on a large-scale touch screen and get a better understanding of its features.

3. Social Media: Social Media integration is a powerful feature of interactive touch screen kiosks. A social media wall can provide real-time updates on what attendees are saying about the event, provide a hashtag for attendees to use, or encourage visitors to share photos to win prizes.

The Benefits of Choosing Interactive Displays

Standing out among the many booths at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center is easier with Padzilla. Here’s why:

1. It’s memorable: Interacting with a touch screen creates a memorable experience that visitors will remember long after the event is over. It’s a great opportunity to create a buzz and get people talking about your brand.

2. It’s modern: Touch screens are quickly becoming standard in many types of public spaces, including malls, airports, and museums. By adopting a touch screen kiosk for your event, you’re demonstrating that your brand is modern and tech-savvy.

3. It’s effective: Interactive touch screens are an effective way of collecting valuable data, educating visitors about your products or services, and promoting your brand in a way that’s engaging and fun.

Why Padzilla Stands Out as the Choice for Your New Orleans Event

  • Native iOS Experience: Padzilla offers a genuine iOS interface, allowing users to open and use any app seamlessly.
  • Versatile Size Options: Available in 43”, 55”, and 65” sizes to perfectly fit the scale of your event.
  • Ease of Setup: Simple to install and get started, reducing preparation time.
  • Boosts Engagement: Enhances how attendees interact and engage with your event, making it more memorable.
  • Interactive Display: Encourages active participation and interaction with the content through touch.
  • App-Friendly: Supports a wide range of apps, providing flexibility in how content is presented and interacted with.

Tap, swipe, pinch. See what you can do with Padzilla.

Amazon App Demo
Capital One App Demo
HBO Max App Demo
Instacart App Demo
Tesla App Demo
Autocad Demo
Banking (BoA) Demo
Home Design Demo
Powerpoint Demo
Snapchat Demo

Rent a Padzilla Today!

Renting a Padzilla Touch Screen Kiosk for your event in New Orleans is a smart investment that will help you stand out from the crowd. By providing an immersive and engaging experience for visitors, you’ll create a lasting impression that will keep them coming back for more. If you’re planning an event soon, contact a reputable touch screen rental provider and take your brand to the next level.

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