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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Padzilla?

Padzilla is a fully functional giant iPhone that runs true native iOS. This means the same functionality that any compatible iPhone has will be the same but on a larger scale with Padzilla. Crunchy Tech creates software and hardware that allows iPhones to be tethered to a large scale touchscreen giving the same experience as the smaller phone itself.

Does Padzilla connect to other devices or use Bluetooth?

Yes, Padzilla uses Bluetooth and can connect to external devices.

Is Padzilla compatible with all iOS devices?

Padzilla is currently compatible with an iPhone Mini 13, but future models will be supported.

How does the touch functionality of Padzilla work?

Padzilla looks, works, and functions just like your iPhone but currently only with single touch.

Is Padzilla easy to use for all users or is training required?

The same user-friendly interface iOS is known for carries over to Padzilla. If you can use an iPad or an iPhone the Padzilla is the same environment and requires little instruction to get new users up to speed. Padzilla itself has self guided tools to setup your device for the first time or for any troubleshooting needed.

Can Padzilla be used for presentations and collaboration?

Padzilla is the best and most unique way to display your app, presentation, company message, or corporate plan to any audience and in style. Our sales reps will walk you through your use case and make sure your message comes to life on a giant touch screen.

Can you run any iOS app on Padzilla?

If you can download it in the Apple App Store you can use it on Padzilla. This gives you access to the over 1,960,000+ apps in the App Store.

What is the warranty for Padzilla?

Padzilla comes with a 1 year warranty and extended warranties are available.

Does Padzilla require a subscription?

Yes, Padzilla requires a subscription based on the usage type for the software. The software subscription includes your software with regular updates, technical support, and upgrades for new versions of Padzilla. (does not include new hardware if needed).

Can I get extended support for Padzilla if I need it?

Yes, and depending on the subscription level, we offer various support options and response times to back Padzilla with world class support and offer our clients peace of mind.

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