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Are you looking for a way to stand out from the crowd at your next trade show? Perhaps you’re eager to showcase your new app or stay connected with your team. Whatever your goals may be, a Padzilla touch screen display is just what you need to get the job done. Not only will it attract attention, but it offers a seamless and engaging way to interact with your content. Whether you’re presenting your latest product or sharing vital information with your colleagues, the possibilities are endless.

Padzilla is a fully functioning giant iPad

Padzilla may be the ultimate tool for companies looking to showcase their brand and applications in a stylish, tech-savvy way. Essentially a fully operational iPad on steroids, Padzilla boasts a giant touchscreen that can be controlled with multiple touch points, making it an ideal way to engage with customers or clients at trade shows or other events.

Created by Crunchy Tech, an audio and video integration company based in Orlando, Florida, Padzilla was developed to seamlessly support iOS, making it easy to use for both tech experts and novices alike. With its easy-to-navigate swipe-up home screen, volume control, and high-quality camera, Padzilla is the ultimate tech toy that can help your business stand out from the crowd.

[Padzilla] has become a fantastic addition to our medical exam rooms and clinic spaces at the White House and President’s Hospital. Our patients and providers have been amazed at the endless uses of this product – telemedicine, patient education, emergency medical planning, etc… The quality of the anatomy images from the Visible Body Atlas is incredible! Amazing and innovative technology!

James J. Jones, PhD, PA-C
Director, Medical Evaluation & Treatment Unit
PA/Physician to the President of the United States

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